With our service you can backup and share your files for free. We created to provide 250 GB storage space for free. Login to your account is required minimum one time very 60 days or your files will expire after 90 days wihout downloads. You can upload and download unlimited files Without worries.

To increase your storage and store your files wihout expiration you can upgrade your account, you will get 1TB (1000GB) for 5 USD a month. You can also pay by GB, pay-per-use only pay for what you really will use.

- HTML Upload form - Upload multiple files from your desktop or mobile device.
- Remote upload - Upload files using a remote link for example:
- FTP Upload - Upload your files using your favorite FTP software like Filezilla.
- Copy/Clone Files - You can save others link to your account.

Manage your files easy, with our file manager you can view your fotos and music in the same page. Create folders and organize your files. You can also download your files with a single click.

Share your music and play the file instantly, the music can also downloaded. You can enable and disable this option on your account settings. We will show the mp3 cover if available for the music file.

- Wave - Our mp3 player support beautiful wave.
- Customize - You are free to customize the mp3 player color and size.
- Like - See who like your music.
- Comments - Anybody with an account can comment your music files. Video stream you can share any video for free. There no limits to watch or share videos.

You have full control over who sees your files. All files are encrypted using military grade AES-256 encryption and are sent over a secure/HTTPS connection. Long secure URLs ensure that your files remain bullet-proof.
Lock your account settings and file deletion, receive an email to disable the lock settings. Receive an email when your Email or password get changed or when login with unknow ip address. You are free to recovery any deleted files for 7 days long.

Account notification your account will show an notification when there some issue with our service or if you remove any files, receive DMCA report, payments and many more..